Call for Presentations

The Call for Presentations for GIS-T 2019 has closed.

As a transportation professional, you can share your expertise and experiences, present solutions to problems, collaborate with your peers, and show lessons you and your organization learned, in addition to learning what others are doing and what trends are happening in the industry.

Presentation Submittal

GIS-T encourages presentations focused on completed projects, including lessons learned. If your proposal is based on a planned or an incomplete project, state this clearly in your abstract. Presenters will be given 30 minutes, which includes 5-10 minutes for questions.

List only those co-presenters who will be present during the conference. Please list credit for other contributors within the presentation itself.

We have a new Cvent submission process for abstracts.

  • You will need to create an unique conference account.
    • It is fast and easy to do!
  • Benefits
    • Allows you to revise your submission
    • Simplifies submitting more than one abstract.

Calendar for Presenters

Dates Events
 November 2, 2018  Abstracts & workshops Due
 January 2, 2019  Notification of Acceptance of Abstracts
 March 10, 2019  Early Registration Deadline
 April 23 – 26, 2019  Symposium

Presentation Requirements

  • Presenters and co-presenters are required to pay the early registration fee.
  • Presentations that do not have a presenter or co-presenter registered prior to the conference will be canceled and replaced.
  • No preference will be given to any presenter for particular conference days.
  • All presentations will be posted on the Conference Web Site ( following the conference.
  • All presenters acknowledge the GIS-T Task Force’s right to post their presentations.
  • Presentations must be submitted in electronic format to the Symposium Moderator at the time of presentation.
  • The presentation cannot be larger than 7MB.

Important information for Presenters

GIS-T does not have a template for presenters to follow or use in the creation of presentation slides.

When you arrive at the hotel, please check in at the GIS-T conference registration desk as soon as possible. When you do, let the registration staff know you are a presenter.

Standard configuration for the presentation rooms:

  • Audience seating approximately 40+
  • Podium
  • Microphone and sound system
  • Windows laptop (running PowerPoint)
  • Projector with screen
  • Projector laptops may have Internet access

If you require other equipment for your presentation (such as an easel, markers, etc.) let the staff at the registration desk know as soon as you arrive. Informing us that you need special equipment 5 minutes before your presentation will greatly decrease your chances of getting what you need.

Be sure to arrive at your Breakout Session room 5 to 10 minutes before your session starts and load your presentation onto the conference laptop, meet the session moderator and receive last minute instructions – if any. Also, if you are using an application as part of your presentation allow extra time to load it on the conference laptop, or make presentation adjustments (such as using your own laptop) with your moderator. This is the same for Internet applications. Make sure everything you are using in your presentation operates correctly before the session starts. There will be onsite tech support that will assist you if needed.

Each session’s moderator will have a thumb drive for copying presentations. The moderator will need to copy your presentation onto that thumb drive to take to the GIS-T staff for transferring to the conference website. The presentations become part of the conference Proceedings. Please assist the session moderator by copying your presentation to the correct folder on the thumb drive. The folders are labeled by breakout session and presentation numbers. Many presentations will include graphics, images and photographs that, while enhancing your presentation, can greatly increase the file size. If your presentation is over 7 MB in size, we ask that you also give the moderator a condensed version of your presentation that is less than 7 MB in size. If you are using an application or interactive device other than, or in addition to, PowerPoint slides, please include summary PowerPoint slides of these in the presentation you submit to the moderator. The GIS-T web team will only accept PowerPoint slides or PDF of PowerPoint slides. All presentation materials are converted to PDF for posting on the conference website of proceedings.

Session moderators will be vigilant in keeping each speaker on time. 30 minutes are allotted to each presentation. If a presentation concludes early, the next speaker will not be allowed to start until their prescribed time. GIS-T follows this approach to allow conference attendees the opportunity to move from session to session without missing a desired presentation.

If there is a last minute speaker change, please inform the registration staff and your session moderator well before your presentation.

If you have any questions, or if you have any changes, please contact: Eric Green (