What is the purpose of the presentations? Presentations are an opportunity for transportation professionals to share their knowledge and experiences in implementing and using GIS.

The GIS-T 2021 Call for Presentations are now closed!

Deadline was: November 13th, 2020 by 11:59 PM Central Time

Presentation Guidelines

GIS-T encourages presentations covering completed or ongoing projects, including lessons learned. If your proposal is based on a planned or incomplete project, state this clearly in your abstract. Presenters will be given 25 minutes, and that should include 5 minutes for questions. Ideally it is best to leave about 5 minutes of extra time to allow folks to move to another room if they are not staying for the entire track. Submit your proposal as soon as possible through our electronic submission link. List only those co-presenters who will be present during the conference. Please list credit for other contributors within the presentation itself.

Topics will be used to group presentations with other, similar talks. Please chose the most appropriate topics for your presentation.

Calendar for Presenters

Dates Events
November 13th, 2020  Abstracts Due
January 2, 2021  Abstract acceptance notification sent to presenters
March 30th, 2021  Early Registration Deadline
April 19-22, 2021 Symposium (In Person or Virtual decision in January 2021)


  • Presenters and co-presenters are required to pay the early registration fee.
  • Presentations that do not have a presenter or co-presenter registered 10 business days prior to the conference will be cancelled and replaced.
  • No preference will be given to any presenter for particular conference days.

All presentations will be posted on the Conference Web Site ( following the conference. All presenters acknowledge the GIS-T Task Force’s right to post their presentations. Presentations must be submitted in electronic format to the Symposium Moderator at the time of presentation. The presentation cannot be larger than 7 MB.

GIS-T does not have a template for presenters to follow or use in the creation of presentation slides.

Vendors are encouraged to submit abstracts for consideration. Please review our suggestions below to help increase your chances of being selected:

  1. Approach your topic from a unique perspective to drive interest
  2. Focus on a use case, partnership, or spotlight on an emerging/trending innovation
  3. Share real stories with actionable solutions the audience can walk away with
  4. Showcase subject-matter expertise
  5. Include ‘intended audience’ in session submission to increase relevancy (i.e. GIS-Analyst, GIS Systems Administrator)
  6. Submit practitioner speakers with titles relevant to the GIS-T Audience (provide examples)
  7. Keep content vendor agnostic – this is not a sales pitch

Past Presentations